Erickson RLTV

Erickson Corporation owns and operates retirement living communities throughout the United States. RLTV, Retirement Living Television, is their new venture into television programming aimed at retirement aged people. Their new facility is a 100,000 sq. ft., five floor corporate building located at the University of Maryland Baltimore Campus.  The facility houses the corporate offices, data center and broadcast facilities.

Co-locating corporate data center and new broadcast facilities functions takes advantage of the common “critical” nature of a television station and a data center. These critical systems include:  redundant mechanical systems, emergency generators for full back-up power, UPS systems. The design was developed with modular schemes to address the start-up nature of the owner’s television business as well as to allow for future growth of the data center.

- 40,000 sq. ft. office space.
- 15,000 sq. ft. data center.
- Central rooftop chiller plant.
- Diesel generator.
- Central UPS.
- Three full production studios.
- Master control room.
- Main television equipment room.
- Dining facility with full commercial kitchen.