ESPN SEC Network Headquarters

5,200 sq. ft. of existing space renovation. DesignTech coordinated with separately contracted studio lighting designer, broadcast cabling designer, site/civil engineer, and acoustical engineer as well as the Client and Owner. 

Mechanical design consisted of:

  • Providing new supplemental RTUs for each of the two expanded studios.
  • Reworking ductwork to suit new layout.
  • Incorporating new equipment into BAS.
  • Modifying conference room and adjacent area to suit new loading dock installation.
  • Replacing two rooftop units serving existing studio.

Electrical design consisted of:

  • Modifying power distribution system to accommodate the new studio lighting and HVAC loads.
  • Coordination with Architect, Owner and broadcast integrator to specify cable tray system for broadcast cabling.
  • Coordination with Architect, Owner and set lighting vendor/designer to specify installation of studio dimming system and branch circuit wiring from dimmers to connector strips at lighting grid.
  • Design installation of new work lights for studio.