Wellness in the Workplace: Commercial Interiors

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Wellness in the Workplace: Commercial Interiors


*In-person presentation only
**Available for AIA credit

Regardless of whether a project includes a new building envelope, commercial interior design teams have an large impact on the indoor environments they design. This course guides you through the areas of environment quality that design teams influence and best practices  for creating space that promote occupant wellness. Specifically, we will look at the LEED v4 IEQ credits and how we might also apply them on non-LEED projects.

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Learning Objectives:

1.Identify six LEED v4 indoor environment quality (IEQ) credits, benefits they provide, and their requirements.

2.Understand what strategies and best practices of the LEED IEQ credits commercial interior project teams not pursuing LEED can benefit to use and how they can be adapted to fit a non-LEED project.

3.Provide specific recommendations to achieve the intent of the LEED IEQ credits on non-LEED projects.

4.Cite an instance where such IEQ strategies were followed or ignored.