Prince George's Community College

Project is the retrofit of approximately 34,000 sq. ft. of general office space to create new classrooms and labs on the ground floor and level one of Prince George's Community College.

The mechanical design utilized portions of the existing HVAC systems with supplemental HVAC added as required for the change in occupancy. The new classroom and lab spaces on level one and specialty spaces on the ground floor required supplemental cooling systems to meet the increased ventilation loads. Additionally, supplemental cooling was required to meet the incrementally higher interior heat gains from classroom space versus standard office space. The supplemental cooling units utilized chilled water from the existing base building central plant and the design included new piping distribution to these units. The fire rating of the corridors created a design challenge for return air, outside air, and smoke control systems. The new full-height partitions eliminated the unrestricted return air path in the ceiling plenum and required the installation of sound-attenuating "Z" shaped transfer air ducts in rated walls. The design also included new dedicated outside air units to provide ventilation to the renovated space along with branch ductwork and associated diffusers.

The new design also included coordination with the Owner’s planned upgrade of the building automation system such that any existing mechanical equipment modified as part of the upgrade as well as any new equipment installed would be compatible with the planned upgrade.

The electrical design included new lighting and power to serve the retrofitted space from base building panels on separate sub-meters. 

The Plumbing design included new lavatories, floor drains with water heater and sanitary connections to serve the new biology labs, pantries and janitor’s closets.

Fire Protection design consisted of scope definition and performance specification for the Fire Protection contractor to bid.