RARE Tenant Upgrades

9,000 sq. ft. in-place renovation of 16,500 sq. ft. overall space in the Courthouse neighborhood of Arlington, VA. DesignTech collaborated with architect Hickok Cole on the project. Prior to the renovation, RARE occupied a 5,000 sq. ft. mezzanine area and 8,700 sq. ft. first floor area. The mezzanine area was open to the first floor.  The project was to expand the first floor office to an adjacent area on the first floor and sublet the mezzanine.  Scope included enclosing the open mezzanine area with glass, creation of a new pantry, coffee bar area, new reception area.

Electrical design included new power and lighting in locations of renovation.

Mechanical design included extension of existing ductwork and relocation of electrical and mechanical equipment for mezzanine enclosure.