Verizon Bethesda Building Addition

The Bethesda Central Communication office expansion was a major building expansion of a critical Verizon telecommunication building in downtown Bethesda, MD. The expansion provided 6,000 sq. ft. of new expansion space and an upgrade of existing 19,000 sq. ft. The project included a major upgrade to the infrastructure including:

- A new 125-ton chiller.
- A 1000 KW generator.
- A new fuel oil distribution system with multiple day tanks and transfer pumping schemes.
- Four new air handling units and associated duct distribution systems.
- A new 3000 amp electrical service and main distribution switchboard.
- Major modifications to the electrical distribution system to accommodate the expansion and improve reliability.
- A new fire alarm system equipped with VESDA technology.

All of the work had to be installed while maintaining 24x7 operations of the telecommunications systems in the building. This required careful planning and innovative construction phasing. The construction site interior and exterior was very limited in space for staging and storage. Sensitive electronic equipment was essentially in the same room as some of the major construction work. The exterior of the building was directly adjacent to a public alley and to existing underground fuel oil tank and electrical service which had to be maintained throughout construction. The project was successfully completed without a single interruption to the operation of the facility.