Veterinary Surgery Clinic (Vienna, VA)

Dynamic renovation of an existing office building basement to create a new rehabilitation and surgical suite for Veterinary Surgical Centers. This exciting build-out includes state of the art features such as an aquatic treadmill as well as two veterinary operating rooms. Glass walls provide open views of underwater treadmill therapy sessions from the reception area. Ceramic tile floor, wall and ceiling accents flank the reception desk through the reception area, serving as a visual guide for patrons while reinforcing VSC’s branding. Design elements such as the exposed structure ceiling are creative ways in which the design team turned existing facility detriments into design highlights.


- 4,900 sq. ft. tenant fit-out
- Two Operating Rooms
- One X-Ray Room
- Aquatic (Underwater) Therapy Treadmill
- Four Exam Rooms
- Recovery and Treatment Areas