Upper East Side, NYC Infrastructure Upgrades

Ongoing since late 2017 is a major building renovation in the Upper East Side of the Manhattan borough. The facility is owned by the occupant and operates as a 24/7/365 critical facility. The critical nature of the renovations has required extensive planning for phasing and redundancies. The project has consisted of several major sub-projects including:

  1. Chiller Plant Upgrade: Replacement of four existing chillers due to age and condition. Project phasing included construction of an indoor, remote, temporary chiller plant in the parking garage with four water-cooled chillers. Finished installation will include three 200-250 ton chillers with integral variable speed drives for major energy savings.

  2. Air Handling Unit Upgrade: Replacement of ten central station air handling units throughout the facility. In accordance with other upgrades in the building, the AHU systems were upgraded from constant volume to variable volume systems. All systems were integrated into a new building automation system. For project phasing, each duct system had to be provided with a short-term back up during the weeks of replacement.

  3. Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) system Upgrade: Replacement of the existing four UPS systems to a new A/B UPS. For reference, A/B refers to having two separate UPS systems which can feed the same racks or provide power diversity to the same critical equipment. The new UPS was constructed in an adjacent room to the existing UPS system and through a series of cut-overs, was fully energized. The cut-overs were phased to ensure minimum downtime of UPS.

  4. Interior Office Renovations: Interior re-stacking allowed for critical operations to stay online while vacant areas were renovated. Interior renovations included new LED lighting and terminal VAVs with hot water reheat. The interior renovation totaled 25,000 square feet over three phases of construction.